Stuck Lonesome

by Hank Richardson

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Caroline Weinroth
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Caroline Weinroth Hank's bedroom pop is so sweet -- listening to his tape is like reading a love letter from a boy in class who's been pining for a girl from afar. His tender lyrics and classic country guitar melodies remind me of the Everly Brothers. This album is one of my favorites. Favorite track: I Can't Live My Life Alone.
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All songs written & recorded by Hank Richardson*

Illustration, Photography, Design & Layout by Kyle Pellet

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Thank you Kyle Pellet, Bob Vielma & the Phat 'N' Phunky crew, Kevin Na, The Cassettes, Evan Metcalfe-Church, Christine Hong, Tyler Burns, Chelsea Tieu, Mike Huguenor, Raphael Di Donato, J.A.G, Wild Moth, Dan Vo, my family & friends.


* (Except for track 2 — Tyler Burns helped me record the "strings" section )



released September 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Hank Richardson Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: True Love Fades
True love fades, you'll rush to say / When your heart is stone,
when it's locked away / True love fades, well you might think
when all of your nights are long, waiting for someone to ring /
Without a hope at all in your heart, you'll think true love fades,
but you'd be wrong / True love fades when there's no one to
see / No place but home, stuck with your memories
Track Name: You Can Get Hurt
You can get hurt, you know, not staying home / Inside your
bedroom, inside each night / No one can touch you there or
make you cry, like those other guys in your life / There's no
reason for anyone to be yours / There's no way not to get hurt
from it all
Track Name: Stuck Lonesome
You're lost each night at home all by yourself / What's the use
when no one's worth seeing now? / Well, you can hope & pray
all night but you're stuck lonesome in this life / How long will
your heart wait before it turns away? / Before it turns to stone,
no words, nothing to say? Well, you can hope & pray all night
but you're stuck lonesome in this life
Track Name: Favorite Singer
I was broken, so jealous, of all your favorite singers / They all
know you better than I do / Hold their songs in your head, pin
them up on your wall / I'm afraid of their words, so boyish &
tall / Your picture's in the lobby, with girls & cigarettes just to
bore me / I own all their records, I'm so brave now / But I'm so
afraid to speak aloud / It's not the voice you're dreaming of
Track Name: I Can't Live My Life Alone
Out into the evening is no place to go / But it’s not right to just
stay at home / I can't live my life alone / But it's not always so
cruel / You try to be so tough, but that's just not you / I can't
live my life alone / But I still go out with the crowd / You break
some hearts, you hang around / But I can't live my life alone
Track Name: Don't Forget Me
We drove to your hometown but no one was home / I was
used to staying in, I'd wait by the phone / On that night we
stayed out so late, was I in your head? / Or were you dreaming
girl dreams that I can't understand? / Other boys will make
you cry / I Just want to be in your heart, alongside the books
and flowers in your room, in the dark / Don't forget me
Track Name: Donut World
I want a life of action, peril, misstep – like in books I've read /
Malkmus says to face the truth, but I just can't relate / The
name's Plissken, not Snake / Donut World stays open late, all
hours of the day / I thought I'd see you there but you just
never came / It gets so lonesome in a 24-hour kind of way
Track Name: A Higher Power
Lost in darkness, they'd never look at me / Drunk with The Big
Boss like I was truly empty / I hung around the walls like
some deserter / Far from the light of any higher power / But
night comes down so early in this town that I’d forgotten to
see you / In the lights of the casino, I thought I'd disappeared
too / So you know, so what? / Out all night with the worst of
them with the promise I’d broken now