by Hank Richardson

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All songs written & recorded by H. Richardson

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Illustration, Design, & Layout by Kyle Pellet



released September 12, 2012


tags: rock Portland


all rights reserved


Hank Richardson Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: The Lantern & Its Light
my head hangs like a lantern that's lost its light to an outline, like on a movie screen. and as the hero enters, I make my exit

the crowd gasps at his fangs, while my sweetheart sleeps so far away

where there's no weight in my arm, with a bandage and tie
and no wounds in your hand to hold my heart

but now with blade have you bound us in lines that sing as I sleep
with blade have you bound us in lines that sing me to sleep
Track Name: By The Graves, Not In One (Pt. I)
false lines chart his eyes to know if they'd ever seemed real to julia, who's fallen into dreams that haunt spike's head in the hull he wakes up in

where he's not leaving here to die but to know if he'd ever been alive.

red-eyed mystic watched your star sink. said it was like a dream, a dream that soon, soon will be over

at the graveyard i'll wait by the graves not in them

they'll want my corpse strung from lights in cinemas running images that play through your eyes and I won’t be there to stop them
Track Name: Colossus Of Night
colossus of night, lend your light
so I might be ember to ward off dead eyes.

but that man and his daughter have sunk to their tombs
while fiends and their shadows softly loom.

in the room where ben's shot as silhouette
gently he hums a song of revenge
gently he hums a song of revenge
Track Name: Foreign Homes
haunting, up late, through and through. crane stance on TV.
the worst nights don’t thrill you anymore.

While you were gone, box elders talk trash all night,
but on a screen I’ll see you & fake all my goodbyes.

It’s true, you’re completely empty. it’s why I’m bent so out of shape.

Can’t deflect all the words you find charming
they’ll all melt away into something strange --- something you won’t like

foreign homes in rooms like night watch me sleep, tongue-tied.

Don’t you know there’s no marksman to kiss you, or procession that’ll miss you?
No marksman to kiss you or procession that’ll miss you.
Track Name: Blue Gentian (Books & Pens)
i should have stayed inside with my books and pens
now i've only winter and this park bench
where i'll die some night while listening to the city sing for me:

"blue gentian, your parade begins at dawn
when there's no lightning to steal your colors
the way the other bastards would
blue gentian, your mind's still of a scholar's
but you mean to well to not be broken
by fools who don't care.
but, she'll still bring flowers to your grave."